Vennie Imperialism? No, See, We have a Bee Problem!

Chavez, caught with his pants down, has given a fumbling explanation for why military instructions for causing chaos in Honduras were on his whiteboard.  When it referred to “African Bees,” you  see, he actually, uh, did have a bee problem in Caracas (via El Heraldo). No Smoking Gun of Vennie Imperialism here! (Also see our previous post for background:

The nervous talking points he gives now are risible, but Chavez needs to get in front of this. Proof of military intervention by Venezuela seriously undermines his street credibility and power projection in the future. In this regard, it is noteworthy that Chavez and Castro are now speaking publicly of a need for a military ALBA force, which is an important development and not getting much play in the press. Such a force would provide cover for him to intervene militarily.

Chavez is losing in Honduras at the moment. The game-clock is running out, which may be why D’escoto, without evidence, keeps saying Zelaya will be returned very soon. He needs to keep the idea alive. It also explains why the Zelaya delegation is pushing to have the next round of mediation in Honduras itself.  Such a process would soften the exile, and should be opposed by the interim government.

Meanwhile, the shortcomings (drug running, theft of government funds, treason) of Zelaya as a person and his actions as president continue to come out (as we predicted), and now Congressional Democrats seem to be softening support for him. (via Hot Air).

Again, Micheletti should hold firm now.


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