Smoking Gun of Vennie Imperialism

Evidence continues to mount that events in Honduras have all been the result of a coordinated Venezuelan offensive.

The Honduran newspaper El Heraldo finds additional signs of direct Venezuelan interference in Honduras. Chavez’s Telesur coverage of Zelaya’s attempted landing in Tegucigalpa shows Chavez next to a whiteboard with the following text:

“051345JUL09 Enjambre de abejas africanas, Tribuna Presidencial, heridos por picadas y desesperación de las personas”

Translation: “051345JUL09 Swarm of african bees, Presidential Gallery, wounded by stings and desperation/confusion of the people”

El Heraldo notes the military notation for time and date (1:45pm on July 5) that corresponds to the demonstration in favor of Zelaya that resulted in one death after the mob tried to break through the fence surrounding the airport. This appears to be direct evidence that Chavez coordinated the mob with the intent of creating bloodshed.

Blogger Hunter Smith has been investigating whether the gun shot(s) that killed a protestor may have also been coordinated.

It may be time for Hondurans to appeal directly to the people of Venezuela.


5 Responses

  1. But Chávez wasn’t always shouting and demanding an end of “US meddling”?
    Well, just do what he does, not what he tells… 😦

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  3. Why am I not surprised? And do you think the statist 0bama will realize he’s being gamed by this tinpot dictator? No, because he WANTS to be gamed. This whole episode makes me sick and ashamed.

  4. […] we would expect given Chavez’s tactical and strategic goals (Chavez Chess, Queening his Pawn, Smoking Gun). First, as a tactical matter right now Zelaya is precariously close to becoming a joke, and his […]

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