Drogas, Huevos

This Congressional letter asks Obama to commit to having no knowledge of DEA information linking Zelaya to drug activity, nicely pinning him.


(see www.faustasblog.com for all things Honduras and in particular other Congressional discussion yesterday.)

The use of Honduras as a transhipment point for drugs is one of the things that makes the country important for strategic reasons. Chavez can use Nicaragua for shipping drugs, of course, but his job is made demonstrably easier if the US military base in Honduras is removed. Again, this is one of his strategic goals. But tactically Zelaya’s dirty hands will become more and more important as time passes. This is an encouraging sign of a stronger Honduran response through the press and to allies in the US congress. It signifies Hondurans, though poor, may have a certain something 😉 they can use to fight back with:


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